Close Dates: September 6th for Labor Day

Close Dates: September 6th for Labor Day

Where Every Child is a Champion!


Champion Gymnastics of Southern Utah was established in 2007 by Jeremy & Shannon Graff. Together they have four children who are all involved with the sport and help to run the family business.

The Graff family made it their mission to open a facility where young aspiring athletes could learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and share their passion for health and fitness. They are committed to helping each child reach their full potential – both mentally and physically.

The goal at Champion is to provide children (ages 2-17) with opportunities that will set them up for their future. Longevity is important to us here at Champion. We want each participant to partake in this wonderful sport until his or her heart is content; whether that means doing it for fun (in our recreational program) or competing with a goal in mind. Competing at state, regional, national, or international levels will allow the child to be better prepared for college, job opportunities, and adulthood.

We understand the importance of discipline in such a demanding sport, but believe in positive reinforcement to boost each child’s confidence throughout their gymnastics journey. Champion also values the significance of using quality equipment to assure safety to each participant. Experienced, knowledgeable, and highly trained coaches are what set us apart from our greatest competitors.

Our goal is to make sure each individual finds a happy balance between focus and fun. In short, we are here because each child truly is a CHAMPION!