Close Dates: September 6th for Labor Day

Close Dates: September 6th for Labor Day



These classes provide children beginning at age three the opportunity to become aware of what their body can do. Skills such as balance and coordination, as well as motor skills are emphasized. Students will gain great gymnastic fundamentals as they progress towards new heights.


These classes are the core of our recreational gymnastics program. Built for children ages 5-14, these classes focus on 4 distinct areas: Position/Coordination, Form, Strength/Flexibility, and Balance. Students will use equipment that has been designed and built just for them.

Curriculum is designed to help each student maximize their participation while in the gym.

Students will also have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned. Special performances will be held for parents & families to attend.


Tumbling classes are available for students who do not wish to participate in all of the events offered at Champion Gymnastics. Students will be coached according to his/her own skill level.

Fitness classes are also available for athletes looking to gain the extra edge over the competition in their respective sport. Gymnastics offers athletes in any sport a great opportuntiy to become more flexible and focus on strength training that is second to none.

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